ac tune up mesa az

Preventing AC Failure is a smart thing to invest a small amount of money in. Just like changing the oil on your car, the same rule applies to AC units in Mesa and the entire Arizona Valley.

Keeping your AC unit tuned-up is critical to ensure that you and your loved ones stay happy and cool during the hot summer months. We recommend having an AC tune-up twice a year. Once just before it get hot, and another once it starts to cool down.

Our AC Tune-Up is the most comprehensive and complete in all of Mesa Arizona.

We do a 35 point AC-Tune Up which includes:

​Taking Exit Air Temp
Check Refrigerant Pressure
Take Returning Air Temp
Check Superheat
Checking Filters
Check sub-cooling
Checking Thermostat
Check Coils
Check Amp Draw of Fan Motor
Check Refrigerant Insulation
Checking Fan Blades
Take Amp Draw Indoor Fan
Check Amp draw of Compressor
Inspect Blower Wheel
Inspect Compressor
Inspect Ducts
Check Reversing Valve
Inspect Air Handler for Level
Inspect Control Boards
Inspect Air Handler for Leaks
Inspect Compressor
Check Condensation Drain Lines
Load Test Capacitors
Inspect Evaporator Coils
Check Start Unit
Check Drain Pans
Check Fuses
Check Attic Insulation
Check Wiring
Check Electric Panels
Check Service Disconnect
Check Overflow Prevent Switch
Check Breakers
Inspect Metering Device


This is a question we get asked a lot from customers. The simple answer is to prevent future breakdowns and equipment failure. No one like having a broken AC unit or Heating pump. It’s very smart to make sure you have your HVAC units tuned-up at least twice a year if possible.

Preventative maintenance can be likened to get oil changed on your car, or like you going to the dentist for teeth cleaning.

If you fail to do preventive maintenance, you risk danging your car or your teeth.

The same concept applies to your AC unit. If you AC unit isn’t properly maintenance on an annual basis you risk breaking your means of cooling and the possibility even of having to buy a brand new one. Don’t take the risk!

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