heater tune up mesa az

When it comes to your heating maintenance needs, look no further. AC Service Mesa excels in Heater Tune-ups and Fixes across the entire Arizona Valley.

We know that our heaters are not as heavily used as our AC units BUT they still need proper care and maintenance! Especially before the cold winter months.

So should you have your Heater tuned up?

Absolutely. Just for the fact alone that the heater sits idle 9 months out of the year! Without heavy usage still requires proper maintenance. We offer the most extensive and detailed tune-up diagnostic service.


  • 35 Point Inspection of System
  • One Pound of Freon
  • Free Permanent Filter
  • Carbon Monoxide Test
  • Condenser Coil Cleaning
  • Condensation Drain Flush

35 Point Heater Diagnostic Includes:

Taking Exit Air Temp
Check Gas Mixtures
Take Returning Air Temp
Check Superheat
Checking Filters
Check sub-cooling
Checking Thermostat
Check Coils
Check Amp Draw of Fan Motor
Check Refrigerant Insulation
Checking Fan Blades
Take Amp Draw Indoor Fan
Check Amp draw of Compressor
Inspect Blower Wheel
Inspect Compressor
Inspect Ducts
Check Reversing Valve
Inspect Air Handler for Level
Inspect Control Boards
Inspect Air Handler for Leaks
Inspect Compressor
Check Condensation Drain Lines
Load Test Capacitors
Inspect Evaporator Coils
Check Start Unit
Check Drain Pans
Check Fuses
Check Attic Insulation
Check Wiring
Check Electric Panels
Check Service Disconnect
Check Overflow Prevent Switch
Check Breakers
Inspect Metering Device


Having your heater properly maintained in Arizona is just as important as having your AC unit tune-up. Your Furnace in Mesa or your heating pump has mechanical parts. With any heating machines or units there are bound to be problems, especially with heavy or limited use.

So what can you do to prevent heater failures?

Schedule annual heating tune-ups of course! We recommend that heaters have maintenance checks twice a year. Once before winter, and again after winter. This way you can rest assured that your heater runs smoothly and with out failure all winter long and is properly idle during our hot summer months.

Reach out to us and let us take car of all you heating tune-up needs!

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